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colors from weed

  Oxalis or Sour grass is a common weed with pretty yellow flowers. They grow freely in lawns and meadows. It is an invasive plant that propagates and spread quickly through its underground bulbs. While I was out walking on the … Continue reading

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crimson from cochineal

  Cochineal insects  (Dactylopius coccus) have long been used to produce crimson-colored dyes, primarily in food coloring. It is a small mealy bug that lives and feeds on the prickly pear cacti’s moisture and nutrients.  Cochineal insects have high concentrations of Carminic … Continue reading

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red and yellow flowers

What do the colors red and yellow symbolize during the Chinese New Year?  According to Chinese culture, red symbolizes good luck for the coming new year, and yellow symbolizes great wealth and growth. To usher in the New Year, floral and … Continue reading

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