colors from weed

an invasive weeds with tap roots


Oxalis or Sour grass is a common weed with pretty yellow flowers. They grow freely in lawns and meadows. It is an invasive plant that propagates and spread quickly through its underground bulbs. While I was out walking on the trail, I saw a small area filled with the prettiest yellow Oxalis (as they are prolific this time of the year). I bend over and picked a bushel and enjoyed the rest of the walk home.

After soaking the oxalis in a bucket of water overnight, I simply poured its entirety into a pot and bring to boil, and then simmered for an hour or more for a deeper yellow. I strained off the Oxalis and returned the pot to the store. Then I added a teaspoon of alum that was dissolved with some water, before I placed the fabric with the dye bath.

With alum, oxalis gives a pretty yellow (the color reminds me of the cute little leghorn pullet).  I also tried adding a couple of rusty objects and eucalyptus leaves to this dye bath to see the color variation. Below is snippet of pictures from this experiment.

L-R: dyebath with eucalyptus and rusty objects; dyebath with alum

L-R: yellow from alum dyed, light to deep sage green from eucalyptus, rusty objects.

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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