sell, sell, sell

my booth at Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts

In October, I blogged that I was invited to participate as a vendor for the following community craft shows in November: Craft Fest in Bedford Gallery; and Mistletoe Madness. Both the events were well curated with a variety of different artwork and handmade artisan goods. Business was good and I am glad that I’d prepared a wide selection of inventory to display for both shows.

Selling at shows and craft fairs is a wonderful way to gain exposure and to market small businesses and local artists. These events also serve as a wonderful opportunity to bring the local community and local artists together and is something fun for everyone. Doing these shows gave me the opportunity to admire other artist’s work. The variety of ideas, concepts, craftsmanship and presentation is enjoyable and an education in and of itself. Finally, the experience of meeting your customers face to face and the immediate feedback is helpful in developing ones presentation and understanding the tastes of your customers. Below are some pictures from the shows, and I am happy to share. Happy Holidays!

silk scarves on a spiral rack

L-R: hand dyed tights; greeting cards displayed on an table linen with eucalyptus prints, and wool shawl on body form

my booth at Mistletoe Madness, a Christmas event. This was my second year as a vendor

handmade flower pins from wool tops and silk

hand knit acorn and leaves for the holidays

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest.”

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2 Responses to sell, sell, sell

  1. Linda St Angelo says:

    Your booth is absolutely lovely….. as are all your pieces that I was able to see. I have not done any shows this year…. maybe next year. I hope it was a success. Where did you get your wonderful scarf rack that curves around. I hope you have a wonderful and productive holiday season. From what I was able to see, you had quite a variety of items…. fabulous!!!


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