After a short break, I am back finally! 

These past months, I had been busy with other activities and hobbies. I’d taken a workshop about the process of soap making and have been churning up batches of recipes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I’d also gone back to my sewing projects; and managed to finish three more large quilts. 

It occurred to me that a person can have many interests and hobbies. Just how many hobbies are too many for anyone? The answer is never too many for me. I love keeping my mind and hands busy….

Here are some photos I like to share.

hand embroidered, appliqued zipper pouch on linen

hand appliqued floral arrangement of dyed silk flowers and fabric leaf motif zipper pouch

the back view of it

king size quilt, I name this windows

another large quilt, of hexagons and stars

another king sized quilt, named tumbling blocks in vibrant orange, light and dark grey, framed in a black border

here are just a few of my deliciously soap made using the cold pressed method (more about this on next post).

pumpkin spice soap made with real pumpkin and 100% all natural oils…this is one delicious smelling soap!

this was my first batch of cold pressed soap, apricot freesia with a swirl top

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest.”

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