mordant testing on tansy dyebath

silk samples in 3 different mordant

Following last week’s post, I was curious to find out what other colors and shades could be coaxed from the yellow dye bath by using different mordants. The word, mordant or mordre, literally means “to bite” in French . Thus, a mordant is a chemical that fixes a dye by combining with the natural dye pigment to form a permanent bond to the fiber.

For this experiment, I used three different mordants: ammonia, iron, and alum with samples that were previously dyed in the tansy dye bath. I was excited to see the different colors as a result of using different mordant/dye solution. I am happy with the results, and the photos below, document the process.

olive green from iron mordant

an earthy yellowish brown from ammonia

yellow from alum

L-R: ammonia, iron, alum

more experiment about tansy on next post….thanks for viewing.

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest.”

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