hybrid eco printing

this mixed media portray vibrant orange background, white and colored prints from leaves

Eco printing or contact marking is the process of developing a print on cloth and other surfaces by using pigments derived from plants, roots, minerals and other natural materials. In this twist of printing, synthetically dyed fabric was layered with plant materials and another piece of fabric. When exposed to steam, the synthetic dye colorant was transferred to the other fabric, with the plant materials acting as a resist, and in some cases, providing its own colorant. The background and surrounding areas get their vibrant color from the synthetic dye, which creates a print with exceptional depth. This work was inspired by three of my FB friends: Olga Kazanskaya, Dina Ronina, and Alena Larson for sharing their knowledge and technique. Thank you.

peeling off wet and soggy fig leaf

peek-a-boo, here the leaf is a resist to the synthetic dye

an arrangement of eucalyptus leaves

strong color and prints from eucalyptus

sweet gum leaf

distinctive print from sweet gum leaf, the white lines are from twigs and tied markings

an interesting print from sweet gum leaf

a random arrangement of fig, sweet gum, twigs, and other flowering plants

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happier, sew happiest.”

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12 Responses to hybrid eco printing

  1. Susan says:

    That is an interesting twist! Thank you……..I DO LOVE ORANGE 🙂


  2. Carol DeMarti says:

    When you say the color was discharged from a fabric treated with synthetic dye, is this a product meant only for this purpose, or any synthetic dye?
    I love the result.


  3. Kristin Borresen says:

    Hi. Love your scarf, beautiful. Do you use any iron, vinegar or anything else for this. Something on the other fabric??? I would love to know. I have some scarf with color and this would be perfect.


  4. Dorothy Yuki says:

    Is this what they call medium printing?


  5. Solmaz Lee says:

    If we try this method with a fibric which was dyed with nstural dye.?


    • mltai says:

      Hi Solmaz Lee
      So sorry for the very late reply. This was a fun project where I use synthetic day and botanical. You can also predyed your fabric with natural dye or indigo and then bundled with botanical. Hope this helps


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