imprinting with daisies

freshly harvested Dyer’s Chamomile from our garden

Dyer’s Chamomile, is a flowering plant that belongs to the family of Asteracea. It is a bushy plant that produce pretty yellow daisy-like flowers. The common name for Dyer’s Chamomile are Golden Marguerite, Sweet Marguerite, Yellow Chamomile, or Ox-Eye Chamomile. The Latin name for Dyer’s Chamomile is Cota tinctoria or Anthemis Tinctoria. The word, “Tinctoria” is to impart color, as in dyeing, or staining.
If you are looking for a particular plant for dyeing, keep a look out for plants that has names that end with the word, Tinctoria. These plants generally yield colors, and are good for dyeing.
In this post, I picked some from our garden, and dipped the flowers in an alum mordant before I bundled them with different types of fabrics. Then the bundles were steamed for two hours. When I opened the bundles the following day–I was dazzled by the bright and sunny yellow color imprints from the flowers. It reminds me of lemon drops! I am pleased with the results and happy to share.

the underside of the flower with its dome shaped center

1st sample using organic cotton fabric

rolling, rolling

rolling over and over

warm yellow–the color of sunrise

daisies prints in a row

2nd sample using merino silk fabric

wet soggy daisy petals in deep yellowish orange

peeling to reveal it’s beauty

deep and warmer colors prints on merino silk

3rd sample using silk fabric

sunny yellow stains and prints

samples on display rack

L to R: silk, cotton, merino silk samples

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest.”

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6 Responses to imprinting with daisies

  1. Susan says:

    Just lovely. Do love yellow and am surprised at how bright it came out. Good idea to dip the flowers in alum! Thanks.


  2. fabulous patterns and colors, thanks so much for sharing!!!


  3. Alena Larson says:

    Hi Melinda! Very beautiful yellow print! Did you use any mordant for your fabric?


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