bounty from the garden

Another loose-fitting garment made with bounty from the garden

Thanks to the lovely spring weather, the flowers are blooming in our garden. I am happy that the glorious season of sunshine is upon us. We’ve been in drought conditions for the past few years, so despite all the sunshine, I hope we get a little more rain to tide us over. I’ve already set out old pots and buckets in the backyard to collect some rain water–I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂
Like most weekends, I spend the early part of the day puttering around in the garden weeding, pruning, and setting snail traps in the vegetable beds. By the end of the day, I had a pile of plant trimmings for the compost and natural dyeing. This post shows how I’ve made good use of the plant trimmings from the garden.
I bundled a piece of fabric with a selection of wilted flowers, leaves, berries, some madder roots, and black tea. I steamed the bundle in an old pot filled with more plant trimmings and some old cedar clippings.
At the end of the day, the aroma of cedar mingling with botanical trimmings steaming from the pot was exhilarating. Usually I would leave the bundle to sit overnight in the pot, before I open it the following day, but the temptation to open the bundle was too much to resist.

oakleaf hydrangeas, and brownish dots from black tea

close-up of oakleaf hydrangea and spots of tea prints

reddish-orange from madder root

more red color after fabric was rinsed and dry

rose leaf, a sprinkling of tea, and berries

golds, bronze–almost perfect for autumn

a single castor bean leaf

peeling off soggy castor bean leaf

A mélange of botanical creating a combination of colors in browns, purples, greens, and golds

After the printed fabric was rinsed and dried, the fabric was then cut and sewn into a loose-fitting garment to add to my wardrobe. This was a fun and gratifying project to do, when I have all the necessities in my own back yard. I am truly blessed, now let’s pray it rains.

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happier, sew happiest.”

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4 Responses to bounty from the garden

  1. Anna Futrell says:

    I love the shirt, even the shape is cute. Is it for sale and if not how about telling who makes the blank.
    Thank you,


  2. Susan says:

    OK, now that is something I MUST try. Does silk work best and do you use any mordant first?
    Thank you, I love the asymmetry of this shirt. SOON I’ll have something to work with 🙂 weather…


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