natural dyeing, pecan

This will be my first post for year 2015. Wishing all my readers a peaceful and joyous New Year!

Over the Christmas holidays, I found a pecan tree on my walk home from the library. It was quite by accident actually, as the normal path that I normally took was blocked for road work. The owner of the house was cleaning in the front, and I ask if I could have some of the pecan leaves. He told me to take whatever I could carry. The tree was bare with a few brown leaves on naked branches. I managed to salvaged a few green ones on the ground. As I was walking away, the owner of the house called me back, and gave me a bag of roasted pecan. I was overwhelmed by his incredibly generous gesture. A blessed day indeed!

In this post, I cut up two pieces of raw silk fabrics, and I eco-printed one piece with the freshly picked pecan leaves. The leaves were lightly dipped in iron mordant before I arranged them on the fabric. Then the bundle was rolled up tightly, and boiled in simmering water. The second piece was Shibori tied dyed with walnut hull and husks dye bath to complement the first piece that was dyed with pecan leaves. After the pieces were rinsed and dried, both pieces were sewn together to make this lovely table runner.

freshly dyed raw silk with pecan. I adore the shape and color of the leaves

color hues in greens, yellows and browns

I love the way that the iron mordant edges and accentuates the stem and around the pecan leaves.

shibori dyed in walnut on the back side of the table runner.

a half bitten pecan nut by the squirrel.

A song from Abba

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happier, sew happiest.”

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2 Responses to natural dyeing, pecan

  1. Daniella amit says:

    An inspiring post for 2015. Have a wondeful and creative year !


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