festive with pepper tree

Schinus molle (pepper tree), eucalyptus, catalpa and casuarina pines on merino jersey

Schinus molle (California pepper tree, Peruvian pepper tree), is an evergreen tree with willowy like leaves and branches that bears clusters of red berries. It is a beautiful tree when it is covered with red berries. The berries or peppercorns have a refreshing and peppery smell, but they are not related to the true pepper (Piper nigrum). The barks and the leaves have medicinal value. To create a festive mood, I used to pick them during the holidays to use as a decoration around the house.

In this post, I used it with other plant materials on merino wool jersey.  I then steamed the bundle for over an hour. I was quite surprised and happy with the markings made from the peppercorn. The foliage however, merely leaves brownish stains–I wonder if it is due to tannin? That will be another experiment for me perhaps?

red pepper tree berries  with evergreen foliage

berries after steaming

reddish brown markings from pepper tree berries

casuarina pines, pepper tree berries, some oak leaves, catalpa, and eucalyptus

close up view–I love the different hues of browns, umber, and vibrant colors from eucalyptus

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest.”

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