save those onion skins

The weather this past week has been unbearably hot. I can barely stand to go out in the garden it is so hot. Even our chickens were taking shelter under the pomegranate tree to keep cool. I wish it would cool off soon, as there is much to do before summer ends.

To avoid the worst heat of the day, I have been starting early in the morning. These are pictures of the two scarves, I made this morning, working quickly, I laid out the pattern, wrapped them and was boiling away before 8 and was out of the pot before 10. These prints were done using onion skins, it is a versatile dyeing material. Onion skins is called a substantive dye or direct dye source that does not require a mordant, to fix the dye to the fibers of the cloth. It works well with silk, wool, cotton, almost any fiber, cellulose or protein based.

Shibori or tie-dyed using rusty can lids and bundled with red and yellow onion skins. This piece is on posted on my store on Etsy.

this one was bundled tightly with rusty can rolled up with more onion skins and some eucalyptus

rust and onion skins give sage green and lines from can is visible in shades of grey, creating an abstract design

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happily.”

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6 Responses to save those onion skins

  1. Lovely scarves!
    I hope you get a break from the heat soon! We are getting a nice rain here this evening…. it is SO needed!


  2. Marilyn Stephens says:

    You are always such an inspiration Melinda 😀 these are just gorgeous xx


  3. Cedar says:

    So love the yellow toned ones, very beautiful, sounds like soymilk and alum made a great combo….


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