nature’s gift

an interesting plant, first a hairy green then turned into a woody and spiky seed pod

This is a rare and unusual plant that I must share on this blog. I planted this on the curb to scare away the dogs from littering. On several occasions, I have seen our neighbor dog took a sniff and backed off from the spiky looking fruit–so my plan worked!

Proboscidea, commonly known as unicorn plant, devil’s or ram’s horn is a flowering plant that produce a trumpet-looking flower; then a hairy fruit, before it dry up to a woody and hooked seed pod. My friend, who gave me the seeds told me her grandmother, who is a Navajo Indian cooked and eat the green fruits, and kept some of the dried pods for her basket weaving. I am hoping she’ll show me some of her grandmother’s basket.

from flower to seed pod

seeds for the next season

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“the earth laughs in flowers….Ralph Waldo Emerson”.

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