carpe diem

air drying silk scarves fresh out of dye pot.

Ooh, my pot’s boiling and steaming away bundles with pretty leaves tied up with strings–which remind of the song, “These are the few of my favorite things, by Julie Andrews.

Summer is indeed a dyer’s dream, as the season gets warmer and our surroundings are filled with all sorts of green and colors. It’s also the best time to be outdoor gathering nature’s bounty and botanical for dyeing.

The sun’s out and we must make the most of the present time. One of my philosophies in life is to make hay when the sun shines. Most weekends, I often have so much to do that time is never enough. In fact, I should not complain and be happy with what I’d accomplish. So, without a moment lost, below are pictures of work that I did over the weekend and I am happy to share. Carpe Diem!

L: close up of onion skins, eucalyptus prints; R: tied marks on rose prints. I love the softness and abstract designs from the onion skins.

close up of rose leaf prints with strong tied marks from dye bath.

washed and ironed, revealing deep reddish to orange from onion skins, and soft green from rose, overlay with light shadowy prints from eucalyptus.

love these large rose leaf

tied marks and stains from a piece of wood that I used for folding.

this one done mostly in walnut leaf and some eucalyptus.

tied and creased lines from folding across the center of scarf, giving it a stained glass effect.

soft green and browns from combination of walnut and eucalyptus.

2-in one prints from overlapping two pieces of silk with coreopsis, casaurina pine needles. Yellow staining comes from potassium aluminum sulfate (alum).

Yellowish stains with light brown from fresh and dry coreopsis with casuarina pine needles.

thin and wispy lines from casuarina pines, sage-brownish from dried coreopsis, with reddish-orange from fresh coreopsis flower (round).

tied marks at the end of scarf.

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happily.”

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2 Responses to carpe diem

  1. TErriea says:

    Melinda, you’re blessed to have a big garden with lots of plants to experiment. Jealous! How’s the euc silver dollar? It is growing taller and leafy?


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