so where did May go?

English lavender, prolific and fragrant from our garden

The month of May came and flew by me so quickly. And then, June is here. I had been busy most weekends last month working in the garden–digging, hauling dirt, weeding, and replacing old plants with new ones. Most of my plants in the garden are native to our area of planting, and ones that attracts beneficial bugs, bees, and butterflies.

We have a garden in front and also in the back of the house. The back portion is where I have my “studio” and a fenced area, where we raise chickens for eggs; a cat that keep the mice away. So much for garden talk….below are pictures of prints made from flowers/plants in our garden.

rose, ivy, and eucalyptus on silk

rose on silk

Tagetes lucida, or Mexican mint marigold on paper. The leaves and flowers have an aniseed flavor and scent, and can be substitute for tarragon. I used it to flavor my summer tea. Also, the flowers gives a yellow dye. Can you spot the bee?

Coreopsis on paper

yellow coreopsis on paper

found this rustic body form in an antique store

our 2 weeks chicks, taken in April, now they are outside with the older hens.

humming bird nest with egg on one of the rose bush

all bundled, and ready for potpourri and for dyeing

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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2 Responses to so where did May go?

  1. Kristin says:

    So lucky to find a hummingbird’s nest! Is it made out of spiders’ web? The baby chicks are beautiful.


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