my work is selling

freshly eco-dyed scarves

I am excited that sales has been picking up at the gallery these past few months. My eco dyed silk scarves are selling and the gallery director suggested that I bring in more scarves. I am pleased that some of my customers even brought their friends to the gallery to buy my scarves.

Last weekend I spent the afternoon dyeing more scarves in the shed outside the garden. While sorting through some of the boxes where I kept my leftover plant materials, I found some of them had decayed and turned moldy. I felt bad that I had to threw them out, but kept a few leaves for a little experiment that I have in mind. I am curious to know if it prints and the outcome of the result. Following are pictures, I love to share.

prints from rust and moldy leaf

interesting print from moldy eucalyptus cinerea and rusty wire

deep colors from moldy eucalyptus leaf

this piece was rust dyed with wires and rusty objects, and then over dyed with eucalyptus.

large rose leaves prints without mordant

interesting shapes of rose leaves

rose prints and tied marks at the end of the scarf, from combination of barks, leaves, and onion dye bath.

rose and eucalyptus on silk

L-R: collage view of rose and eucalyptus throughout the full length of scarf and tied marks at the bottom.

found this single pretty pink clover flower between the cracks in the sidewalk

close view of spider web on clover flower

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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12 Responses to my work is selling

  1. Marilyn Stephens says:

    Lovely results Melinda, I love the interesting marks made from the mouldy leaf 🙂 your photo of the Pink flower is just wonderful xx


  2. Terriea says:

    Thrilled for the good sales. Pretty experiments.


  3. Congratulations on the great sales! 🙂
    Your new scarves are lovely, they too should fly out of the gallery!!


  4. Kristin says:

    Looks like mold may be your friend. Your scarves are exquisite, it’s no wonder people are discovering them!


  5. Ginny Huber says:

    So glad that the sales are good, Melinda! Also am liking your photos of the scarves and of the wonderful experiments with rust and old euca. I just boiled some old and moldy euca to make a dye bath..and I have a nice caramel/brown color..Next will do some printing with some of the moldies.


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