April showers bring forth May flowers

snapdragon, or antirrhinum–a hardy annual, allergy and pollen-free plant

Erysimum, or Wallflowers, a perennial that comes again in spring with pretty clusters of fragrant flowers

An English proverb that I remember fondly is “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.”

I love the months of March and April, as it reminds me of spring with light wind and cooler temperature. The season brings forth a symphony of flowers in vibrant colors and fragrance in my garden–I wish it last forever!

In our garden, I have planted a variety of flowers and plants to attract beneficial bugs, bees and birds. There are a few plants in my garden that reseed themselves indefinitely and come back with more flowers and foliage. If you like colors and fragrance, Erysimum or wallflower is a cool-season annual that set off profuse clusters of fragrant flowers in pretty colors.

My all-time favorite is Antirrhinum, also known as snapdragon or dragon flowers, because the flowers resemble the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when gently squeezed. They have long stalks of brightly colored flowers that bloom at the bottom of the stalk. It is also a low-pollen, allergy-free plant to grow in the garden for those who are prone to allergies. Do check out this link for a listing of  these helpful plants.

The past weeks of showers and cool temperature has blessed our garden with an abundance of flowers. I gathered a bunch of wallflowers and snapdragons, bundled it up in a piece of silk and boiled in water. After simmering  the bundle in water for over an hour; I left the bundle in the pot to soak for a few more days. This allows the colors to continue to fix and dye to the fabric.

The excitement and my impatience is too much for me, and my fingers are getting antsy. Finally, the opening day arrived to see what nature has for me! I was excited to open them and removed the plant material. I was thrilled to see soft shades of sage green imprinted from the wallflower and the reddish-purple from the snapdragon. It’s a great learning experiment and I am happy to share.

unwrapping silk bundle

soft and limp wallflowers on top of snapdragons

purple stains from snapdragons, and sage green from wallflowers

close up view of stained piece of wood from flowers

soft shades of sage green and purple stains

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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4 Responses to April showers bring forth May flowers

  1. Marilyn says:

    Just beautiful Melinda, soft and summery xx


  2. You’ve captured the essence of Spring! It’s a beautiful scarf!


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