surface design through felting

“Marbles”, felted cluster with roving

I had not heard the term surface design until I had been felting for some period of time.  I would occasionally hear it mentioned, on felting groups and forum. Curiosity finally got the best of me, so I started to research what it was all about. Recently, I took a workshop in Portland about the basic of surface design.

So, what is surface design? In a nutshell, surface design encompasses patterning, structuring and adding embellishments on a felted fabric with stitching, embroidering with colored threads, fiber or silk and perhaps beading.

Some of my projects posted here are done using resists to create an interesting 3-dimensional surface design. This technique creates an interesting combination of surface textures through felting with wool felt and roving. By layering different combinations of  wool and resist, one can create different textures, colors and alter the surface of the felted piece which in turn will bring rise to interesting three-dimensional shapes on a piece of pre-felted fabric.

Surface design opens up an exciting new dimension (quite literally) in the creation of felted pieces. I think you will find the process fun, with nearly limitless design possibilities for your pieces. The following is a selection of my pieces, that will be on display at the gallery.

“Merlot”, inspired by the many wineries in Livermore

‘Alien’, crater made from resist, and individually rolled spikes

“3 of a kind”, felted with skeleton leaves

“Seascape’, resist felting with shells and stones.

“Matahari’, means ‘sun’ in Malay. the word, ‘mata’ is eye and ‘hari’ is day in Malay

“Mars”, craters and a ‘howlite” figure descending from springs . Howlite is calcium borosilicate hydroxide, is a borate mineral found in evaporite deposits. Howlite stones is an extremely calming stone, relieving anxiety, tension and anger

Emma’s delight. This piece was sold at a recent art show.

‘Tangerine, another resist felting to create crater

windows, resist and felt in different color hues

Einstein, craters and loops

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, felt happiest”.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Just lovely xx


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