weekly bundle: late season blooms

tagettes prints on silk, wool, and cotton

L-R: sage, mexican bush marigolds (tagettes)

I like growing plants that are native to my area, which has a late bloom period that will remain flowering before the frost. We had a hot summer this season, and the few surviving ones are: tagettes, coreopsis, cyclamen, kangaroo paw, angelonia or summer snapdragon, and lavender. They brighten and bring color of joy to the garden.

In this installation, I gathered sprigs of them to eco-print them on fabric. I already have a small collection of test samples made with other plant materials. Hopefully, someday I will make a journal of my plant gathering.

L-R: cyclamen, kangaroo paw, angelonia or summer snapdragon, lavender, yellow coreopsis

arrangement of flowers on silk fabric

unwrapping the bundle

streaks of yellow, reds, and mossy greens

prints from lavender and yellow coreopsis

reddish purple from cyclamen, and ghostly print from kangaroo paw

overview of late blooms

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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