homage to a wee little seed cap

acorn caps

I’ve a collection of eucalyptus pods and acorn caps that I found on my walks in the park. I made these while waiting for my eco-print bundles boiling away in the pot. All you need are small amount of wool tops in different colors and needle felt them into little tight balls and glued them into caps.

They are wonderful to use as fall/autumn decoration and as gift to friends. It is an easy and fun project for all ages-it’s also addictive and meditative!

acorn caps and nuts

I wonder why acorn caps are not called oak caps–after all they came from an oak tree. The word “acorn” is a combination of “ak” for oak and “corn” meaning seed, thus acorn means oak seed. They are small with round stubby cap and you can pick them when they are green, as they turn brown as they dry. I found mine scattered under this oak tree.

oak leaves

Eucalyptus seed pods come in different shapes and size depending on the species of the tree. The ones that are common in my area are: eucalyptus caldocalyx, and eucalyptus globulus.  After flowering, the seed capsules or pods develops in place of the spent flower. Inside each pod are tiny seeds waiting to be released when the scars on the capsule ripens.

a collection of eucalyptus pods

another crazy idea of mine….fancy a eucalyptus pod with pearls bracelet

brown and reds from eucalyptus

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, felt happily”.

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