weekly bundle: fall leaves in gold

golds, orange, and browns 

Osage orange is an interesting fruit with a bumpy exterior. Not to be mistaken by it’s name, Osage orange is not related to the orange or citrus family. It belongs to the mulberry family, Moraceae.

Osage orange is commonly used for natural dyeing a range of yellows, earthy golds, and some greens (with iron mordant). The wood, bark and roots are only used for dyeing. For this post, I pre-dyed my fabric in Osage orange dye bath and then bundled it with maple leaves that were lightly dipped in iron water. The results of the iron mordant from the maple leaves create a deep dark colors and looks stunning against the yellowish and russet gold background.

maple on pre-dyed osage orange

deep colors and outline from iron mordant

unknown leaf


spent leaves, great for the compost

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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