revamp old to new naturally: linen dress

pose taken in our backyard


back view of my 2 piece linen dress and sleeveless wrap


This 2-piece linen dress and wrap has been with me since my kids were in high school.  For this project, I used an iron metal spoon to wrap up the garment with eucalyptus leaves.  The iron metal from spoon acts as a mordant to the plant materials, as the chemical reaction of iron tends to set dyes and intensified the color of the plant materials in contact.  The term, mordant is “mordre” in French, which means “to bite.”

iron spoons from flea market

It is an interesting metal to use and you can achieve different results and color when used with other plant materials.  Eco dyeing is a kind of alchemy–its art and some science rolled into delightful process! Sometimes it can be daunting as it may not turn out to your expectation, yet sometimes it surprised you with some wonderful results. As with everything, one has to embrace eco-dyeing with much patience and determination. It is always a learning experience for me every time!

side view of linen dress


back view of linen dress


close up view of abstract print


I am excited, when I saw the designs on the back view! It portrays a cat like image–some says it’s resemble a reindeer with anthers. It is fascinating how designs are formed by the different ways of folding the fabric, and the chemical reaction with iron on eucalyptus.

linen wrap dyed with eucalyptus

embellished leaf prints with running stitches for texture and interest

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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