summer ends, autumn approaches

gorgeous reds from maple

brown and reds from eucalyptus

The dog days of summer has ended, autumn is here!  Some of the deciduous trees and shrubs in my neighborhood have started to change colors.  This season also makes me think of leaves falling and dancing in the air, changing from various shades of green to gold, red, and brown, forming a thick blanket beneath them. I love to hear the crunching sound of dry leaves under my feet.

acorn leaves

rich colors from miniature pear


This is the best time for picking and gathering nature’s treasure of autumn foliage for eco-printing and dyeing.  It is also time for delicious pumpkin pies and warm chocolate milk topped with marshmallows. I am enjoying every moment of it!

figs, acorn, gingko, and non-edible fungi

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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