felting, inspired by earthenware

3-d felting, inspired by a Japanese earthenware 

I am fascinated with Japanese pottery and tableware, particularly in this lovely bowl.  It portrays four branches bearing white cherry blossoms, with a light blue background that creates a cloud like ambiance. The branches seems to be bending towards the sun on a sultry morning—or perhaps they are whispering sweet nothings to one another. The final touch of the bowl is complimented in brown around the brim.  I use this bowl regularly, as it is perfect for serving oodles of noodles and wintry warm soups.

3-d needle felting 

This piece was inspired by colors and design of this bowl. It was wet felted with wool tops. I used 2 shades of blue for the background; deep brown for the branch; white for the cherry blossoms. I paid particular attention to the details of the petals and branches. Felting the background was an easy task; the tricky part was attaching the intricate details using tiny tufts of wool tops into the background. When it was completed, I sat back and enjoyed my artwork with much joy and satisfaction.. which brings a haiku poetry that come to mind.
Cherry blossoms flowers bloom
Playful petals dancing, flirting in the air
Whispering softly, I love you my dearest

I love the whites on blues


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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, felt happiest”.

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