weekly bundle: indigo dyeing

Shibori dyed scarves using Itajime and Kanoko techniques.

This was my first experiment with indigo dyeing.  Indigo is a beautiful blue color obtained from indigofera tinctoria plant. A similar blue dye can also be obtained in the woad plant. History has it that this plant has been the main source of blue dye, until it was replaced by true indigo or synthetic dyes.  Indigo is a vat dye as it is insoluble in water.  A soluble alkaline or a “reducing agent” solution is added to bring the color through oxidation.

I have some rectangular silk scarves that I applied Itajime and Kanoko Shibori techniques. Itajime is “resist dyeing” and Kanoko is tie dyeing.  The former is by clamping shapes onto folded material, and the latter is simply twisting and knotting the material with strings or rubber bands.

I was excited to see how the scarves turns from pale green to deep blue when exposed to air. It was magical! Here are some pictures to share.

this is my favorite piece

stirring process

pre-soaked and ready for a dip

first dyed round and left to oxidize

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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