My obsession with natural dyeing has spawned new acronym around the household.  I  awoke quite early Saturday morning and immediately headed out to the garden shed I use as my studio to start experimenting with some dyeing ideas I had come up with the previous evening.

A few hours later, coffee mug in hand, John poked his head in the shed and said “ODB again”. I gave him a curious look and he explained “Obovate Design bingeing”. It’s now become my code word to let him know he might just want to take care of himself for the time being.

Last weekend, I was not “ODB” but “SODB”–super Obovate Design bingeing.  I had managed to finished hemming the table linens that I made a week ago, and a couple of shibori dyed scarves.

contact printed of eucalyptus on raw silk , or silk noir

E. nicholii and E. globulus on silk noir

E. polyanthemos (silver dollar gum) & E. nicholii on silk noir

Shibori Grey Starburst on Habotai silk

Shibori starburst with iron mordant on habotai silk

Cherry plum, fruits & vegetable scraps from our green waste bin on Habotai silk

“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”

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