weekly bundle: arashi shibori on silk

This weekend I learned another exciting Shibori technique. “Arashi” is the Japanese word for storm. The patterns are always diagonal which suggest the driving rain of a heavy storm. Arashi  Shibori is known as pole wrapping that involves wrapping and binding cloth around a pole to create dramatic patterns and texture.

This technique is done by wrapping a piece of cloth on a PVC pole. Strings are tightly wound around the pole from one end to the other.  After that the cloth  is push down from one end and scrunched on towards the other end of the pole. This creates crinkles in the cloth.

wrapped and tied with strings

after hours in dyebath

The tightly wrapped pole was placed in a dye bath or painted over with colors. Instead of using acid-based dyes, I made my own natural color using Cochineal for its pinkish red and purple (with rusty nails), and a yellow from Coreopsis tinctoria.  I had such fun removing the strings from the pole and pushing out the cloth to reveal the folds within to see the tie markings and how the colors rendered and migrated within the folds. Truly amazing and fascinating!

Some pictures from my weekend experiment with Arashi shibori.

candy cane: cochineal with no mordant

purple storm: cochineal with iron

golden corn: dye from coreopsis

pinks, purples, & yellows

threesome in pinks, purples, & yellows

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“A smile is worth a thousand words, live happy, dye happiest”.

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