cluster of pearls mounted gumnuts wristband

pearls on Eucalyptus seed pod


On our way back from the hills, we saw several eucalyptus trees on the side of the road covered with red flower.  I asked John to park the car at a shady spot so that I could take some pictures. The tree is tall and very old—standing majestic and proud with its beautiful spiky flowers.  The ground surrounding the tree was covered with eucalyptus pods or gum nuts. Gumnuts are cone-shaped fruit of the eucalyptus tree. Inside the nut are many smaller seeds that disperse into the air for the wind to pollinate.

After examining the nut carefully, an idea came to my mind as it reminds me of a pair of earrings that I received from a dear friend.  It is a hazelnut strung together with wire at the tip of the nuts.  I wished I had not lost it as it would be nice to share it on this project. This is one of my hodgepodge idea of a recycled jewelry using a pearl wristband from our son’s wedding.

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